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The Journalistic

The Journalistic

Moments in Between


The Moments That Matter

I BELIEVE in giving you ART by storytelling your wedding day in a JOURNALISTIC style

I believe a wedding should be about capturing the moments that are happening at that time and I strive to give you emotional, compelling images, with minimal guiding or posing, of the relationships you have with your partner, family and friends. You need someone who is experienced in capturing the day as it’s happening in the background without interrupting you to pose or smile. You need a photographer you can trust to be somewhere in the room photographing it all as the day unfolds in an unobtrusive style. All professional photographers will capture the “SHOT LIST” of required photos, but the photographer who can capture the in between moments and knows when to expect and anticipate them is the pro you want. Photographs are more than just pictures taken they are documented memories of tears, love and unscripted joy. To us, the wedding day isn’t just the bride or the groom perfectly posed……. it’s about the moments you are having with all the people around you that you love. More…

What we care for

Main Goal

To the clients that hire us, we believe it’s much more than pinterest boards, but we still believe in family formals, portraits and bridal party photos (if desired), but for most of the day we want you to forget we are there and have fun with your family and friends. We want you looking at the groom while you’re walking down the aisle instead of us, and just having fun cutting that cake without feeling like you need to pose and smile for the camera. Our goal is to help you remember your wedding for the rest of your life like no one else can. We believe you should remember more………… the moments, the emotions and the relationships.

Looking for a wedding location?

I believe a wedding should be about capturing the moments that are happening at that time and I strive to give you emotional, compelling images, with minimal guiding or posing, of the relationships you have with your partner, family and friends but wedding locations can play a huge part in the way your photos will look. Hart House                       Hazelton Manor                    The Royal Ambassador Ritz Carlton                       Massey Hall                            Thompson Hotel The Buroughs                    Graydon Hall                        The Millcroft Inn Sunnybrook Estates              High Park                          Hockley Valley Resort George Restaurant             Wards Island                        Caledon Estates The Market Kitchen            George Brown House        Forks of the Credit Canoe Restaurant               The Opera House                 Alton Mill St. Lawrence Market      The King Edward Hotel          Cataract Falls Archeo                                    Paradise Banquet                Capital Banquet Distillery District                 Mississauga Grande            The Venetian Evergreen Brickworks         Rockway Vineyards            Hamilton Art Gallery

Boudoir Photography

You just had a milestone birthday and look fantastic – You know your significant other wants a gorgeous boudoir album as a gift or it’s something just for you…..no matter what it is let me photograph what makes you feel great.  Wether it’s a comfy oversized sweater, sexy lingerie, or ripped jeans and a pony tail.  It’s all about you, the light and a feeling that will be captured in this documentary style boudoir session with no posing required.

Destination Weddings

Planning a get away to elope or bringing a group of special people with you to a fantastic destination to get married?  Bring me too and get beautiful photographs to remember this day.  Locations on my bucket list are Iceland, Europe, Greece, Newfoundland, and Costa Rica….I’ll pay for travel and accommodations for really unique locations. Bucket List locations have extra special incentives involved contact me! Venice                                         Fiji                                    Naarden, Amsterdam Tuscany                                 Newfoundland Dalmatian Coast                  Iceland Guatamala                        Galway Ireland Cinque Terra                          St. Lucia Portugal Algarve                     Hawaii Spain                                           Paris  


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Read what our clients have to say about us!

Rachael Markaroff

Rachael Markaroff


Frances did an absolutely stunning job with our wedding photos. We have beautifully captured, priceless moments we never even saw in some cases, recorded for years to come. Frances’ work is priceless. Do not overlook her services. I researched long and hard to find the perfect person and Frances went above and beyond all expectations. She made amazing use of resources she had. We also had an extremely tight timeline for our wedding day photos and I was a sad we wouldn’t have time to capture enough, but Frances did it!! She is professional from start to finish and honestly for me a very reassuring part of my wedding day! Thank you Frances for all your amazing time, effort and last but not least priceless work!

Charlotte Fernandes


Francis was amazing and she captured the most beautiful unexpected moments which were priceless . We will recommend her to all couples that we know getting married. Thanks for making the day so special and for capturing all the nice pictures.

Tina Cappello


Frances is just amazing, she was a pleasure to work with. My husband, myself, my parents and the whole bridal party just loved having her around all day. She made us feel very comfortable taking the pictures and it was so much fun. She captured everything so beautifully. The pictures are just amazing, I can’t stop looking at them, it’s like reliving my wedding day over and over again. We’re so happy we found Frances to shoot our wedding, we will treasure the pictures forever. Fantastic job Frances, thank you so very much!

Henna Garon


I was so happy to have Frances as part of our wedding day. I didn’t want any traditional wedding photos and she totally understood my vision. I could not have been happier with my wedding photos!

Jonathan Gome


Francis definitely has an eye for photography. Her professional attitude and attention to detail helped capture many fabulous images on our special day. Some scenes I pondered at why we were here. But when I saw the finished product I was amazed. When you book with Francis you truly do get that piece of mind in knowing you made the right choice in having her capture some priceless moments. I have recommended her to a few friends and I will continue to spread the word around. For a FUN and STRESS FREE service she is a one of a kind photographer. Thank you again.

Candice Hanna


I had boudoir shots taken with Frances and she was AMAZING!!! I felt instantly comfortable with her. This experience was so far out of my comfort zone that I almost backed out but Frances put my mind at ease within minutes of meeting her. I highly recommend her not only for the pictures she takes but also for the calming effect she has. Frances is the total package.

Robin Rutten


Frances, did an amazing job with our our engagements and wedding photography. She was professional, she has a passion for her craft and it shows in her work. Frances made herself available for questions, request and generally made the process really easy. As a couple we had never been photographed, Frances put me and my husband at ease during our sessions, she was able to harness his goofyness, my nerves and still give me shots that were timeless.

Krystal Shephard


Frances has such an amazing talent for capturing your special day. I have the privilege of assisting her during your special day. From the moment she arrives she is walking around the location looking for the best light to capture those fine details from your shoes, ring, dress, as well as the best light to photograph you getting dressed. Frances brings a sense of humor to help keep you calm and get those natural moments of laughter and capture it at just the right moment. Once at the ceremony, with her professional equipment, she is able to capture the moment with a candid approach, getting those up close shots without being intrusive to the couple, officient and guests from the sidelines. Frances really tries to find those unique angels and scenery to create images you will fall in love with over and over again. I love the opportunity to work with this AMAZING photographer, and strive to take such beautiful images as she does. You get what you pay for, and you will not regret having Frances as your photographer to capture any special memories in your life.

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